Con la presente indicamos los documentos que hay que presentar para poder acceder a la revisión del área metropolitana IMT.

Antetodo decir que se tiene que pedir cita con 1 mes de antelación, y si se os pasa la fecha, llamar al IMT, y explicar el caso de que se os a pasado la fecha, para que así os digan que serán permisibles con vuestra licencia hasta que paseis la revisión, ojo hacedlo con poco de retraso si fuere el caso,


Documentación a aportar por el taxista autónomo:







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Hey Chris,Again, con

Saturday, October 19, 2013 12:51:43 AM Lalit
Hey Chris,Again, congrats on cmoing back to black. I think that you're going to love the D3 e2€“ but you already knew that. ;)I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the differences between the two systems. It's easy enough to make general comparisons between brands, but it gets much more interesting for the type of demanding work that we do.Enjoy.

Hey Chris,Again, con

Saturday, October 19, 2013 12:51:38 AM Nob
Hey Chris,Again, congrats on cmoing back to black. I think that you're going to love the D3 e2€“ but you already knew that. ;)I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the differences between the two systems. It's easy enough to make general comparisons between brands, but it gets much more interesting for the type of demanding work that we do.Enjoy.

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Review by Dr. Jeffre

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 11:29:49 AM cialis online with payment by personal check
Review by Dr. Jeffrey Schnitzer for Rating: I have the Archos 7 320 gig. The huge hard disk means I no longer have to worry if all my stuff will fit. I’ve never yet – it’s only a month – had any problem at all with it – web surfing great, unbox works perfectly. They all work just fine. Picture is quite good and the sound level is high enough so you don’t need earphones. I’ve even figured out a way to convert Itunes video. The wifi is neat – the other day it asked me if I wanted to upgrade my firmware – I said yes – and it did so with no connection to anything. Apparently, the battery is removable, but since I haven’t seen anything from Archos about this, I haven’t tried. It lasts for at least 3 movies, but it takes a while to charge it fully. The touchscreen lets you associate a click with each tap, is easy to use, simple to understand, and really works. Drawbacks – it does take fingerprints easily, but not badly enough so that it’s more than a minor matter. Actually, the touchscreen really doesn’t get at all smeared – unless of course you’ve been eating fried chicken with your hands (the only way to do it.) It’s larger and heavier than any music/video player/recorder of which I know, but it fits into the inside pockets of a sports jacket, and the stand means that you don’t have to hold it. It’s not really portable like an Ipod or a 605, but it’s not really made for that kind of portability. All-in-all a 9.5/10. Anyone who’s seen it has lusted for it.Update 3/4/09: finally they are selling saddles for the dvr stations. Before, if you bought a second station, you got no saddle. Only one comes with the Archos 7 itself and none come with the stations. Using a station without a saddle is highly discouraged as it may damage the IMT. The same problem was true of the 605 – you had to call Archos and beg them to send you a saddle. With the 7, I called and they very nicely said they would send me one, but never did. Now you can get one for 5 bucks.

Review by G. Miller

Sunday, October 13, 2013 12:35:02 PM buy prednisone tablets
Review by G. Miller for Rating: Ok, here’s the 10 reasons NOT to buy one of these Archos devices.I bought an Archos 605 then a 705 in Utrecht Holland while on vacation with the girlfriend.The problems begin. I tried the 705 thinking maybe I got bad hardware. (They’re all bad hardware)1. I paid too much for it. 270 Euros or $367 USD. Shop around, you’ll save money PLUS they’re available used elsewhere or for lower prices.2. When it got home and tried to connect it to my PC AND Macbook the Archos locked up. Had to do a hard reset to make it respond. THEN, it took 5 minutes to restart.3. I tried to go to for support but couldn’t register the product for support because someone had already registered the product serial number, couldn’t get support.4. Fine, I’ll try to download the latest firmware operating system that will probably fix it. It did nothing plus and the anti-intuitive (I made that word up just for this review) options in the restore process is confusing at a time when you need clarity.5. Ok, wait. Connect it to the internet and run its version of “live update”. That will fix it. I downloaded a medium-sized file which appeared to update it yet the problems got worse.6. Now, whenever I disconnect the device from a USB port even when just charging it, it locks up and I have to do a hard reset AND plug it in to start the thing.7. Almost always, I can’t just turn it on. I have to turn it on and hope it boots. After 5 full minutes of trying to boot itself (it locks up with the disk drive activity light illuminated) it fails and shuts itself off. I must plug it into external power to try to boot and hope it works.8. Transferring files into the thing, despite USB2′s 480 Mbps speed takes forever. Not sure why.9. Movies ripped to the Archos format _might_ play or they might jitter every single second making you regret your purchase further.10. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS MISSING IN ACTION! What is the problem?!??!? How can such a beautiful, polished product which obviously represents a large amount of time and money in product development fail so miserably at customer support and product performance?With massive amounts of storage, beautiful cosmetic engineering, crisp LCD and a nice looking operating system fall so completely flat with performance, usability and customer support? Who knows but I am certain that one day Archos will GET THE MESSAGE that they need to replace their quality assurance and customer service departments. Only then will I consider one of these devices. FORTUNATELY! I kept my receipt and the place I bought it offers a one year return policy so I can at least return it for store credit. (I’m stuck in Afghanistan until December.)I will return this Archos and use the money on something that actually works.It’s a shame too b/c I love devices like these but not when they’re more trouble than they’re worth.Also, I’d bet that the glowing reviews you see on here are generated by Archos chronies trying to prop up their products.

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Review by J. Carbone

Tuesday, October 08, 2013 11:50:43 AM how to buy cialis pills
Review by J. Carbone for Rating: I have not been more excited to receive a digital toy for many years, and after reading up on the capabilities of the Archos 7 according to Archos, I was eagerly anticipating its arrival. However, after playing with the device for a few days I must say that I am terribly disappointed. Perhaps, given that I have been in the tech industry for over 30 years, I have high standards, but I must say, in that 30 years no device has ever come to me so premature as the new Archos PMP.I can understand in today’s economic environment that companies are cash-strapped, and the desire to have items on the market for the Christmas season. However, Archos has lost me as a customer – this device is in no way ready to have been released from their development cycle.Flash support. Some youtube videos work, though newer formats do not. That said, youtube was the only website from which I was able to view videos. Hulu, Joost, network websites – none of their videos would work. Technical support tells me that its a combination of Adobe flash and the Opera web browser that prevents these videos from working. Since I purchased the device primarily for this purpose, it scores a 0 here.Connectivity. Abysmal. I can detect my wireless network, go to a website and click on another link, and the device can no longer find a wireless network. So, back completely out, reconnect, go to the website. Sometimes wireless connection stays up, but most often the behavior is as above. Another 0.Email – crashed the device every time, I never got it to work with any mail server. 0.Transfer of movies. Why on earth don’t companies that develop hardware devices also bundle software to transfer DVDs to their device? In order to do so, multiple other software packages are necessary, making a very cumbersome process.How many separate docking stations does one device need? This is clearly a method of Archos making more money from the consumer. It is absolutely ridiculous to have multiple addons that “kind of” serve the same purpose. Massive fail here – release one docking station that does it all, charge us for it, and be done with it.Additional $ for plugins. While I understand that licensing costs must be passed down to customers, Archos should quit nickel and diming consumers to death. Add it to the cost and be done with it. Given that we can purchase fully functioning laptops and netbooks for significantly less money, this device, as it is, is overpriced by a large margin.Effectively, this device performs at an estimated 15% of its manufacturer’s claims. Mine is going to be RMA’ed, and I will be looking at competitive devices. Initially I wanted an iPod Touch, but went with Archos for flash support (that doesn’t exist). Maybe Archos will resolve most issues in a few months, and it is possible that I go back to the device once this milestone has reached. That said, at this point in time Archos is high on the list of companies to avoid. I hope they got their needed cash inflow, but in releasing a product altogether too soon, they forgot to understand that the consumer too is cash-strapped, and we are not happy purchasing expensive items that do not live up to company promises.

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Review by K & T

Sunday, October 06, 2013 11:18:23 AM car insurance
Review by K & T for Rating: As an owner of both the new Archos 7 as well as last year’s model (the 705), I wanted to provide some points of comparison between the two for anyone trying to decide whether to save some money on the older model. In general, the two are very similar — they provide essentially the same functionality, although the new 7 includes a couple of new features (and includes for free some of the plugins that you had to pay for before with the 705).Here’s a quick rundown of the positive changes in the 7 vs the 705:* Speed — particularly of the web browser. The new 7 has a much faster CPU and renders web content at a much better pace (probably 3x the speed of the 705). Using the browser on the 705 was often painful except on pages that were geared to mobile devices. The 7 can handle even most complex pages without a problem. Since I use the device for browsing quite a bit, this is a HUGE plus for the 7.* Email — The 7 includes a native email client that supports GMail, Yahoo mail or any POP/IMAP server. It’s very simple but usable. It’s also free (i.e. not a plugin).* Better screen — The screen on the 7 definitely is crisper than that on the 705. And the colors are rendered more accurately (at least from my subjective point of view).* Better responsiveness — The touchscreen on the 7 is more responsive than on the 705. The increased sensitivity really helps the usability. That said, people who use other touchscreen devices (e.g. iPhone) may find that the screen is still not as sensitive/responsive as other devices.* Size — although the screen is the same size between the 2 units, the 7 is slightly shorter and thinner than the 705 (but not by much). The 7′s glossy case does collect fingerprints rather quickly, but that’s purely an aesthetic issue.Advantages of the 705 over the 7:* Archos dropped the mini-USB plug that was used to connect the Archos to your computer. It now uses a proprietary connector for this purpose.* They also dropped the USB host port from that came with the 705. The 7 includes the USB host capability, but to use it you must purchase the DVR station or mini-dock add-ons. This was built-in directly in the 705 unit. This makes using the device to dump pictures from your digital camera more of a hassle as one more attachment must be carried just for this.* They also dropped the video out connecter that was standard in the 705. Again, to use this feature with the 7 you’ll need the DVR station or mini-dock.* No stylus or case included — I’ve found that using my finger generally works fine but a stylus is still better/more accurate on the screen. Luckily, the 705 came with 2 of them, so I use the spare with my 7. As for the case, you’ll have to buy one from Archos to a third party if you want/need one.Things I wish they would have improved:* Weight — this is one heavy device at nearly 1.5 lbs. Granted, the size makes carrying it in a pocket prohibitive, but the weight would do you in otherwise. Fine for a travel bag though and definitely much lighter than a laptop.* Most plugins still not free — The browser plugin and “web radio/tv” plugins are now free, but to view many online videos and items ripped from DVD, you’ll need to plunk down extra $ for those plugins.* Support for Flash 9 — The Archos ostensibly ships with support for Flash 9, but what they don’t tell you is that not all Flash 9.x versions are created equally. For example, while most clips on YouTube work, the version of Flash on the Archos does not support popular sites like Hulu. This for me is one of the largest disappointments of the Archos 7.* No HD or 3G plugins available — despite what the product description days, the plugins that provides HD video thru the DVR dock (or mini-dock) and which support a 3G wireless connection thru a USB dongle do not actually exist. There’s also a very good chance they never will. Archos is notorious for promoting features which are never delivered. If either of these plugins is critical in your decision to purchase the Archos 7, you would be best off waiting until they are released before making the purchase.For me, I use the 7/705 as a travel companion so I can watch videos, browse the web and store digital pictures. For web use, the 7 is a huge improvement. For videos, the better screen is a nice improvement, but for picture storage, the lack of the built-in USB host port and the need to carry the mini-dock is a bummer.

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Review by Alan E. Mo

Friday, October 04, 2013 12:49:41 PM cialis
Review by Alan E. Moore for Rating: I purchased this as an upgrade to my beloved Archos 605 160GB. I actually purchased this directly from archos because I had trouble getting it through Amazon. First impressions: beautiful sleek design, love the rubbery backside and the enlarged screen! I find that the touch screen user interface is quite improved over the 605, the buttons all flash when you press them so that is a nice confirmation that you hit it. Also, play buttons and such seem to be bigger than before, easier to hit. Although the glossy, shiny look is pretty to look at, it also shows fingerprints (much like the Touch). Not a big deal to me, I’m used to wiping off my glossy surfaces regularly.So lets get into the nitty gritty, starting with the things I love about the new Archos 5. Just one caveat, I am using this primarily as a replacement media player for the Archos 605 so I won’t speak much to internet browsing issues. I will use as a basis of comparison my collection of MP3 players (ok I’m an addict so sue me!) which includes iPod Touch 2nd Gen 32GB, Creative Zen WiFi 16GB, iPod Classic 160GB, Archos 605 160GB, Archos 604 30GB, iRiver Clix2 8GB.*) 250GB: gotta love all that storage space, especially since the new Apple Classic tops out at 120GB now it seems Archos is in a class all to itself.*) Big beautiful glossy color screen, definitely an improvement over 605.*) Easily connected to my Wifi, browser is now free instead of costing extra like before. Upgrade to firmware was accomplished easily.*) Easy synchronization of my entire music library and playlists using Media Monkey in Windows Media Mode (605 had problems here, so glad Archos fixed this!)*) Beautiful full featured DVR dock available (apple doesn’t even make one as far as I can tell!)*) Esthetically the most appealing player I’ve seen yet from Archos.*) Nice context menus on most pages (tap upper right corner) that make it easy to get around.*) Love the ability to switch between hard drive mode and Windows Media Mode (something I do quite frequently). Also nice to be able to put a password on folders with sensitive or Adult content.*) Ability to play all kinds of audio/video files, although you do have to pay up to $40 for additional plugin firmware in order to play apple and cinema formats.*) On screen touch qwerty keyboard is really nice, easy to use — I found it much easier to type accurately than the Touch/iPhone onscreen keyboard.*) Browser supports flash controls, woohoo, welcome to the 21st century fercrissakes!*) That 250GB of data is readily available to the PC as a hard drive so I can use it for backups or whatever else I want to do with it. (unlike the Creative Zen for example).*) Convenient built-in speaker can be used in a pinch: everybody seems to have one of these now but as far as I can tell Archos did it first on the 605!*) Now Playing music screen is easier to use, volume, and play buttons are easier to use now and it displays the name of the next and previous songs: a feature that I don’t see on any of my other MP3 players.*) Nice dedicated volume and power buttons, the volume buttons are definitely easier to find and use than the 605.And now, my suggestions to Archos for how they could improve on what I think is a cutting edge beautiful product. Please understand, I’m a nitpicking software engineer so I give 5 stars even though I can find room for improvement!*) I miss the dedicated hold/tv-out button which has been removed. Not a big deal since can still be done through the context menu.*) Some of the text menus just look a little strange and seem to take a too much space on the screen. For example, I have to scroll down to get to the “Playlists”… at the very least “Playlists” should be on the first page as its the one I use the most. Really it seems like too many button presses are required to dig down and play a playlist, I wish “playlists” was available from a top level menu because I use it more than anything else…When all is said and done, I honestly believe that there is no comparable product with a big beautiful high resolution screen like this and a huge hard drive. This is it!Now if you are happy with a smaller screen and less storage, the iPod Touch is arguably a better product: my solution? Buy one of each!Update 12-31-2008: As of New Years Eve I am still quite happily using my Archos 5 as an entertainment center. It seems Archos heard me and they have made the album art a little bigger in firmware release 1.2.05! Update 1-24-2009: Firmware update 1.3.05 works great! Had to use my Touch for a few days and very happy to have my Archos back on the speakers, I do believe the sound is better through the same speakers.Update 3-14-2009: Updated to firmware 1.5.08. Due to previous upgrade, the upgrade process is MUCH easier now because it doesn’t try to rebuild its library from scratch (this takes hours when you have a lot of files like I do). I’m also enjoying the “parental control” password which allows me to protect my data from unauthorized access. Still a happy customer Update 5-22-2009: Still very happy with my 5. Firmware version 1.6.53 now offers support for their GPS package and High Def. I tried the GPS package before and it was ok, my favorite thing about it was the windshield mount which really comes in handy on a long drive. The GPS itself is decent considering it doesn’t cost much, but can’t compare to Garmin. Still, how many MP3 players even offer a GPS option?

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Review by Certified

Sunday, September 29, 2013 5:32:46 PM generic viagra
Review by Certified Gadget Engineer for Rating: My Archos products:-Jukebox Recorder 20 (purchased 10 years ago)-AV500 (purchased 5 years ago)-Archos 5 Media Tablet (purchased 1year ago)I have had a long relationship with Archos (since they started their business in 1988) buying three of their products over the past 11 years. I have been in a highly technical computer field over 20 years and an avid gadget person. Combined with my experience with Archos, I think I am well qualified to advise on this product. History:My first purchase with Archos was shortly after they started the company. The Archos Jukebox (early mp3 player) was a good product (one of their first) but had some usability quirks. Despite this, it was a decent product for its time. The technical support, which I used on several occasions, was very good as well. When they got into AV, it seemed they hit their sweet spot. In 2005 I was so pleased with the Jukebox’s quality, I bought a AV500. The AV500 is a very good product, one that I still use today. The AV500 demonstrated quality hardware with good solid coding. Over the years, unfortunately, Archos has dramatically changed as a company. It seems if they have lost leadership internally that drove them in providing solid products and support. The A5:The Archos 5, on the other hand, is quite frankly a mess. It’s usable, but the annoyances far outweigh the good things it offers. Like other Archos fans, I too ignored the many negative reviews, basing my purchase decision on the good experiences I had with past products. Looking at some of the 5 star reviews, many of these are written after only a few hours or days of use. No doubt, the A5 is very appealing at first, but quickly wears off once it reboots for no apparent reason. Don’t get me wrong; I have tried very hard to like this unit (mostly because of the money I invested in it). The single biggest issue I have is its instability. Even when fully patched, the A5 crashes at least every 5 to 10 minutes of use. It just takes away from the pleasure of using the device. Just think if your laptop performed like that. Very very annoying to say the least, particularly when using the Internet browser although movies will suddenly crash as well. Frequent Flash 9 errors pop up as well (a known issue with Archos)… their answer; wait for Flash 10 and maybe it will work better. The sad part about this is Archos could easily fix most of these software issues if they took the time to invest in their product. It’s a slap in the face to customers. I suppose they are avoiding spending funds on fixing their OS because of their plans to move to Texas Instruments Android OS in future products. Can we hope that the new OS will port over to their legacy products? In summary, Archos has become extremely defiant and indifferent to their customers needs which signals to me they will not be in business much longer unless they change. It saddens me to write these things because I was a huge Archos fan until I purchased the A5. My suggestion is to wait for Archos to come out with the next generation of AV players (if Archos is still around). It may be that the new round of products using Texas Instrument’s android OS (rather than their in-house proprietary OS) will make all the difference. In the mean time, check out their earlier products which are much more solid (and will keep them in business so they can fix mine). Try the ipod touch or iphone (which I have as well), however be aware that they don’t have any flash support. With all this said, I really hope Archos will get their act together.Pros:-Very nice screen image. Very bright and sharp.-Good mp3 sound (although fast forwarding songs skips ahead way too fast)Cons:-Very buggy. Even when keeping up with patches, the device keeps crashing. Very frustrating to be browsing the Internet and crash once every 10 min.-Even though it claims it works with Flash 9, it only does 50% of the time. This is a known issue with Archos. Their response; wait until Flash 10.-Metallic finish wears off (where your thumbs hold the unit) after about 3 months of use.-Have to buy media plug ins (that don’t work well either)Peripherals:Battery: If you do buy one of these units (which I highly suggest you don’t) battery life is about 2.5 hours. After a year, mine gets 2 hours. The external battery is a good investment. Docking station: the docking station design is incredibly misleading and useless (unless you like to look at the wires coming out of the back and have it blocking your view of the tv). The infra-red sensor is located on the front of the dock (see for yourself on the web site). That sensor has to be lined up within a 20 degree angle with your tv’s infrared sensor so that it can change the channels (DVR function). The marketing materials show the dock neatly to the side of the tv (as it should be). In real life, you have to turn the unit backwards to face the tv exposing the back of the dock ( wires and all) not to mention the challenge of putting the unit in front of the TV. Do they expect us to put it on the floor in front of the tv stand? Why they did not allow for a tethered sensor (like Tivo) is beyond me. The dock is useless. Given all these issues, the price, the other options available, bad support, the company etc. I unfortunately have to give this product one star. Archos, please wake up.

Review by Plantagane

Thursday, September 26, 2013 3:49:39 PM but cialis
Review by Plantaganet for Rating: First of all, I’d just like to provide some context. I first discovered Archos back in summer ’08 when my Elgato EyeHome died. For those of you who aren’t aware of this product, it was basically a device that could be used to watch computer files (avi, mp4, etc.) on an old school, standard-definition television. When my EyeHome went kaput I was very disappointed to discover that the product had been discontinued. The search for a similar product finally led me to the Archos TV. At this point I’ve had the Archos TV for more than a year now. It’s a fantastic product and, at least so far, has worked flawlessly – I couldn’t be happier with it. In fact, it was because of this good experience that I decided to invest in the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet. I think it’s important to give this backstory because some of the more enthusiastic Archos fans on here and on certain internet forums seem to think that any criticism of their favorite company means that you’re nothing less than a drooling Apple fanboy – blinded to reality and incapable of giving a competing product a fair chance or accurate assessment.So, to continue, late last year I was in a situation that will probably be familiar to all of you. I was interested in buying a portable media player. Would it be an iPod Touch or… something else? Ultimately, I opted for the Archos 5 based on two main factors:1) Greater storage capacity – 250 GB as compared to the maximum 32 GB on an iPod Touch2) File flexibility – the Archos 5 can play just about anything, whereas the iPod Touch is restricted to the mp4 file format. This was an important consideration for me, since I already had a small library of avi files that I wanted to enjoy without having to convert to a different format.I read some bad reviews right here on Amazon and elsewhere, but, because of my good experience with the Archos TV, I still decided to invest in the Archos 5. HUGE mistake.To be fair, the Archos 5 worked just fine for the first few months. The problems seemed to begin after I installed the latest version of the firmware – 1.6.53. Basically, the unit seized up and became nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Pressing the power button would initiate the startup process, but, rather than going to the main menu, the introductory “Archos – Entertainment Your Way” screen would simply flash on an endless loop until all the battery power was drained.Now, I’m extremely capable when it comes to tech. I’m the guy that friends and family call to help with stuff like installing an additional internal hard drive, deciding between plasma or LCD, setting up their Blackberry to get email from home… you get the idea. The Archos 5 is equipped with some rudimentary built-in problem solving tricks. I tried these as the instruction manual advised – but nothing worked.At that point I went to Archos Customer Service – this, folks, is where things go really haywire. In a word, Archos’ customer service is appalling. If you don’t want to take my word for it, just read some of the other comments on here and take a look elsewhere on the net. Their sheer incompetence is legendary.My experience with them is hardly typical, but I’ll summarize here -Step One – Contact customer service. Explain problem. Obtain an RMA (Return to Manufacturer Authorization.)Step Two – Send unit in for repairs.Step Three – Wait expectantly.Step Four – Receive unit back from the RMA warehouse.Step Five – Unpack unit and test. Discover that nothing has been fixed. Repeat process beginning with Step One…My last round with Archos Customer Service ended when I received my unit back from the warehouse and found that they had simply given me another unit altogether. I knew this was the case because the new unit was mysteriously missing the sticker on the bottom that included the serial number. I’d also fitted the original unit with a Lexerd Screen Protector – something that was conspicuously absent from the new model.Mind you, replacing my unit with another model of the exact same type isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it might have worked out just fine. The only problem was, this replacement model has a damaged power button, and, on the rare occasions that I can turn the thing on, it has the exact same problem as my old unit – stuck in the “Entertainment Your Way” startup loop. When I called customer service to discuss these issues, they claimed that the unit was fine when it left the warehouse (big consolation, huh?) and that the broken power button was probably caused by someone at UPS unpacking the device and “messing around with it.” Say what?Now, to be fair, we all know that our electronic gizmos aren’t perfect. The Archos 5 certainly isn’t the first device I’ve had problems with and it won’t be the last. The big problem is that Archos simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to deal with issues like this when they occur. Just for comparison, I had some problems with my Mac G5 when I first got it – but a quick trip to the Apple Store for a tune-up solved everything. Archos isn’t like that. The company is based in France and, by virtue of necessity, their North American customer service is outsourced to a shoddy firm here in the U.S. staffed with reps who can do little more than tell you to try pressing the reset button again and/or make pathetic excuses.To all of those people who have a functional Archos 5 and enjoy it – terrific. I’m happy for you and I know from experience that when an Archos product does actually work, it’s brilliant. BUT – God help you if you run into trouble, because you’re basically screwed.I’m writing this in the hope of convincing some of you still on the fence that you really ought to go with another product altogether. Pick whatever you like – Cowon, iPod Touch, whatever. Just don’t get an Archos. Trust me on this, it’s basically a crap shoot. And, at the end of the day, do you want to gamble, or do you want a product that actually works?

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Review by wehladky f

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 11:54:25 PM accutane suicides
Review by wehladky for Rating: The first thing anyone should know about the Archos is that as of 10/5/08, the Archos 5 Firmware is still in beta. Beta means very different things for different products, but for the Archos 5 it means that some of the features are crippled, and that the firmware is still buggy. I have been using the 5 for about 2 weeks now, and during that time the device has crashed 6 times. Keep in mind this is only relevant if you want to purchase it right now. If you choose to wait, I think Archos will have the firmware finalized in a few months. I migrated to the Archos 5 from an iPod Touch, my main reasons for doing so being the significantly larger capacity and the larger screen. I use a mac, so it was quite jarring migrating out of the Apple universe. Some things you should know if you are coming to this device from an Apple product:1. The Archos will not sync with iTunes. This means that music you downloaded from the iTunes music store will be incompatible with the Archos. This also means that the playlists from your iTunes library will not natively work with the Archos. For many people this will not be an issue, but I have a rather large library (7000 songs), and depend on playlists to separate my music. The Archos uses the universal .m3u playlist format, so if you want to have your iTunes playlists on the Archos, you will need to find an iTunes playlist exporter. 2. Even if your songs are not copy-protected, the Archos will not play AAC files without a $20 plugin. For some, this is a moot point, for others, it could be a deal-breaker.For the PC users: The Archos can either function as an external hard drive (very useful), or as a Windows Media Player Drive.Now, the device itself:HARDWARE:THe specs of the Archos are impressive, and best most other “IMT”s of its class. I have the 60GB version, however all models boast a 4.8″ (Resistive, not capacitive) touch screen, Wi-Fi, a speaker, and a pull-out stand. But keep in mind that the Archos uses a proprietary USB connector, and that all previous Archos accessories (for the 605, 604, etc.) will not work with the 5. The back of the unit is mirrored, and scratches incredibly easily. The front screen is susceptible to glare, but this is not very noticeable unless viewed in direct sunlight. Keep in mind that all the models use hard drive based storage. This enables a large capacity for a cheap price, however, the unit will be slower because of this. The iPod Touch uses flash memory, which is very expensive and has a low capacity, but is less likely to break. The Touch is also thinner. (You wouldn’t think so, but the Archos is surprisingly pocketable) The speaker on the unit is small and tinny, but I am amazed on how many occasions I have found to use it. The 2nd gen. Touch also has a speaker, and I highly doubt it is much better than the one on the Archos. Something no one else has mentioned: The Wi-Fi antenna in the Archos is located on the right side, a place where you normally might hold the unit. It is very easy to accidentally block the Wi-Fi signal, and I have noticed that the connection can be tenuous (this might just be my network). The external volume control is very useful, but I wish the 5 also had a hold switch, as it can be annoying to have to find the “lock device” command throughout the menus. Also: on the original settings, the device will automatically power off after 5 minutes when locked (and when not in music mode). This can be very annoying if it is not changed. I know that in the above paragraph I have criticized the Archos, but I cannot stress that the device itself is a beautiful, well made, piece of technology. Everything works very well, and most BIG problems with the device lie in the…SOFTWARE:The software is currently the Archos’ weak point. As I said before, the firmware is still in beta, and this means that a few of the features just don’t work. (A good example of this is the file sharing feature. When I select “file sharing”, a notice pops up telling that the feature will be enabled in a “future release”). The parts of the software that do work function adequately, but could be better. The Music menu is a good example. Scrolling through large lists is jerky, and I find the organization of the metadata perplexing. However, the Music section works. The Video section, on the other hand, is near perfect. Videos can be organized any way you want, and watching movies on the 4.8″ screen is enjoyable. I think that the software can be summarized by working, but having quirks. You might want to wait for the firmware to become more stable. A few more notes about the software:1. The Add-Ons section is just ADS for the optional add-ons. Yes, ADS. This is just a minor annoyance, but please, a major company should not put ads for other products in their flagship product. 2. There is no way to directly skip tracks from other areas of the device (unlike, for example, the Touch, where you can tap the home button twice and control the music).3. The Archos takes about 20 secs. to boot, and, when the device is “locked”, the screen does not shut off for about 30 secs. (this can be changed)4. The Opera web browser is fast and, renders pages as well as the Touch. The Mail app is not as good as Apple’s, but if functions. 5. Games cost $20 for 4, but you can load your own flash apps onto the device. 6. One great addition to the Archos was internet radio and video. This is a feature I have seen in very few other devices, and the Archos implements it very well. Lastly: Should you buy the Archos?If you can escape the Apple universe, and don’t mind the beta firmware for a few months, then buy the Archos. If is truly a great piece of hardware. if you can’t stand betas, then wait a few months (the price will probably drop too).The Archos 5 blows the Touch right out of the water, but the software could use some work. By now the iPod had become so ubiquitous that it doesn’t really fit into Apple’s “Think Different” philosophy, as many of its features have been matched and transcended by other devices. I don’t mean to sound cliche, but if you truly want to think different, buy the Archos 5.UPDATE: As of firmware update 1.0.87 the “file sharing” feature mentioned above has been completely removed from the settings menu. I don’t know if this is because Archos has killed the feature or because they want to release it in a future release. Also, as of 1.0.87, the Archos no longer lists its firmware as beta. However, the firmware is still buggy. The Archos firmware is definitely a work in progress, but Archos seems to be updating the device frequently, so most of the bugs will eventually be ironed out. UPDATE 2: Windows users can sync their Archos with iTunes via “iTunes Agent”. Available here: [...]. Obviously you can’t sync DRM tracks, but everything else works pretty well for me. UPDATE 3: I have had the Archos for about 1 year now, and I have to day that the real weak point of the device is the resistive touch screen. This is where Apple (also Samsung and Cowon) really got it right, and Archos has continued to get it wrong. The firmware updates have made scrolling more kinetic and less jerky, but the updates cannot fix the fact that the screen feels mushy and misses a *lot* of presses. I was actually considering getting the new “5 Internet Tablet”, but after finding out Archos was again using a resistive touch screen, I will look somewhere else. If I could change the star rating, I would downgrade this to a 3 or 2.5 star product. So much works really well on the 5, but until Archos puts a capacitive touch screen on their players, I will not get another one of their products.

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